AI 4 Enemies

Give your NPC models artificial intelligence to create close combat fighters and range weapons-user.

“AI 4 Enemies” is a Component-Package for Unity3D. It supports animations, sounds, different damage modi like damage by calculation or by collision, obstacle avoidance, vertical height, combat fighter and range weapons-user. It includes a waypoint editor for complex patrol routes, target following and dynamic waypoints.

It is coded in C#, so I implemented C# events which delivers informations for a better integration into games (for special effects, counters or what else).

In addition to this “AI 4 Enemies” includes a full playable demo scene for demonstrating different usages (see below).

Demos, Tutorials and Documentation

Now Available

AI 4 Enemies is available on the Unity Asset Store.

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  1. AI4Enemies has no problem. There was a mistake by the AssetStore administration. They said to me, that they want to bring it back to store. Now I’m waiting like you 😉

    EDIT: AI 4 Enemies is back on the asset store!

  2. Here is a small example: The enemy walks along a patrol route. When it finds it’s target (mostly the player characer) it starts to run in this direction. When it reachs a pre defined distance to it’s target it begins to fight.

    But you can change this behaviour to your needs. For this you have some parameters to define the behaviour.

  3. can you have friendly ai team’s for the player? i know your system can have multiple enemies and 1 player to attack. how can this system handle a player with ally’s? is there a way to add more animations to the characters and also damage sounds? send me a e-mail when you get a chance i’d like to know if you can have friendly ai with this system. if so i’m going to purchase it if you can make a tutorial on how to achieve this thank you so much.

  4. can you make for me a discount becouse iam 13 years old and my game is tps so your product is the most inportant thing in my game but i cant buy it for this price if you can help me please sent a message if you accept or not . thanks sorry for my bad english

  5. Hi,
    I am thinking for downloading your AIDriver Kit. My question is
    1. Does AI toolkit works on iphone and android.?
    2. Can i easily apply acceleration script on car model using AIDriver kit.


  6. Hi Alex,

    the next version of AI4Enemies (which I’m developing at present) will includes multiple targets.


    EDIT: The new version is submitted to Unitys Asset Store!

  7. sweet I downloaded the new update but one issue how do I assign more than one target I added the tags for the targets but only attacks one. what do I need to do thank you great work.

    1. Hi Alex,

      what happens when the current target dies? Switch the focus to the next possible target?

      Enemies attack always the nearest target (and which is visible) of all possible targets. In addtion to this it includes a tolerance distance to avoid permanent switching.

      Does this info helps?


    1. Hi Ruggero,

      at present not very well. I’m planning to develop a special 2D AI Controller for AI 4 Enemies. But it needs some time. You can give me some ideas, which functionalities you need for a good working 2D AI 🙂

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